Missoula Race Report

Pro XCO: 9th

Short Track: 8th
      This weekend in Missoula was the perfect opportunity to try my climbing pants on for size. It was a classic climb and descend course with nearly 5000 feet of gain over 15 miles. After working on starts for the past few months I was anxious to show my new found speed. I burst off the line and I was feeling great. I paid for that aggression, however, later in the race. I pushed through and held a steady tempo while getting my legs back under me. I was happy to hang on and finish in 9th in an HC event and walk away with more UCI points to help me with my starting position later on in the season. I love that in mountain biking the learning curve never ends. When I improve in one skill I get the opportunity to fine tune another. After growing up in triathlon where I fostered my slow twitch muscle fibers, I have spent the last year waking up the fast ones. I finally feel that my body has made the transition and I can’t wait to have it all come together. It’s all a matter of honoring the process. On Sunday, I finished 8th in a tight and tough short track event
Next weekend, I will keep my climbing pants on and tighten the belt as I head to Angel Fire, New Mexico, for the C1 race starting at 8000 feet.

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