Boston Rebellion Pro XCT (HC)

After placing 2nd in the National Championship two weeks ago my confidence grew little wings. I had two good weeks to put in training back in the 100 degree heat of Missouri and off to the races I went. Boston was an important race to me because not only was it high in category but it was also the week before Mont St. Anne. I wanted to sharpen my skills and hone in on my technical abilities.

On Friday we arrived to the race course late in the evening and after some mechanical issues I got out on course and was racing the sun. The pressure of day light turned out to be exactly what I needed to turn off my calculated mind and just send it through the rock gardens and off the jump.

Saturday morning the cross country race started and I felt strong. After having a solid start and settling in with a group of 5 I was surprised when I found myself left with only one other person after having taken the jump and the others resorting to the B line. I began to move forward passing quite a few riders and finishing ninth place to grab a top ten finish and more UCI points.

On Sunday, in the short track, I had a hugely exciting race. After some separation in the first lap I put in a massive dig to pass riders and close the gap all the way up to the lead group. Being on and off the group throughout most of the race I really pushed myself hard and my tenacity paid off when I sprinted for 5th and got to celebrate my first ever pro podium!!

This season has been a constant upward trend and I feel so thankful to be given this opportunities and that God continues to bless me and encourage me on this path.

Now off to Canada!Boston Rebellion



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