Beti Bike Bash: Bet on Yourself

Racing is all about taking chances and betting on yourself. That’s exactly what I got to do this past weekend at the Beti Bike Bash. 

Every now and then it’s good to throw a race in the schedule where you can gamble without consequences or repercussions. That said, these races require a good amount of bravery in order to execute properly. 

As I prerode the course on Saturday, I continued to talk myself into this brave style of racing that I’ve been adopting into my mindset over the last month or so. I knew I had to have mini goals to keep me gambling on myself. 

On Sunday, I lined up for the event with my first goal in mind: get the whole shot. I can’t remember the last time I got the whole shot in a bike race. It seems like this skill has been considered out of my wheel house for such a long time that the idea of it rarely crossed my mind…but on Sunday, I was just racing for the single track. 

When the race started I found myself shoot to the front and hit the single track. I quickly realized that I had actually won my first gamble. As the rest of the first lap played out, we all jostled positions and I continued to fight to “race the first lap.” A few of the top riders missed a turn and as they turned around to correct their mistake, I was within striking distance and found myself in 2nd as I entered lap 2. I won my 2nd gamble and found myself in contention after the 2nd lap. During the 3rd lap I caught the girl ahead and as we duke it out we were overtaken but I was still fighting for top 3. 

Entering the final lap, I was in contention and I had accomplished what I came to do. I had won my bets placed on myself. I was attacking on the final lap and still neck and neck fighting for 2nd. With less than 3 minute left in the race, a small group caught us and the race suddenly became a much bigger fight. 

It was a battle all the way down to the line and ultimately I ended 5th after a couple tactical errors in the last minute of the race.  I had won my own personal race though, and next time maybe I’ll place a bet on my finish as well because I seem to like to prove things to myself. 😜 

After the race I got to privalege of speaking with the Little Bellas and asking all kinda of tricky questions that only little kids can dream up. 

Now I’m on my way to Missoula, Montana for the next Pro XCT. I’m knocking on the door right now. I’m so close to that break through, and when the door opens I’ll be ready to dart through. 

Photo: Jacqueline Denny
Photo: Jacqueline Denny
Photo: Kenny Wehn
Photo: Kenny Wehn
Photo: Kenny Wehn
Photo: Kenny Wehn
Photo: Kenny Wehn

2 thoughts on “Beti Bike Bash: Bet on Yourself

  1. Thanks Hannah for taking a moment to say hi to me and my daughter (I used to race Xterra Tri’s where we’d occasionally see you and your mom; so, my daughter been following you since those days). She loves having women racers to look up to, like you.
    All the best!

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