2020 Team Announcement


As this decade comes to a close, it seems like it’s the perfect opportunity to step into something new and start off the 2020’s with a bang!

As I reflect on the last decade of my life, I am overcome with gratitude. In fact, sometimes it even seems difficult to imagine that things could get much better. That said, it’s pretty amazing to go into 2020 with plans that give 2020 the potential to be the BEST year yet! In 2020 I will be getting married, growing my coaching business, pursuing my dreams in sport, and starting with a NEW TEAM!

After seven years with Clif Bar, I have decided that it is time to move on to a team that can better support my future goals and aspirations. Clif Bar provided me with an incredible amount of support and encouragement as I grew up through the team. They believed in me before anyone else did. The 17 year old triathlete that originally signed with Clif, has changed and grown into a 24 year old mountain biker and my goals no longer align with that of the team. I will be forever grateful for all of the doors that Clif opened for me. Sometimes, however, in order to make room for great, you have to be willing to step away from good.

That said…

I am so excited to finally be able to announce who I will be racing for in 2020!……I will be racing for a team that has stepped forward to provide me with an incredible amount of support and opportunity. They fully realize, support, and encourage my long term goals as well as stand on a foundation that I am proud to represent. This amazing team is…drum roll…….The Orange Seal Off-Road Team! Here’s to the best yet!


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