Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Gift Ideas for Cyclists

There is something so incredibly satisfying about giving someone the absolute perfect gift. It feels so good to give someone something that you know without a shadow of a doubt they will love and use most every day. While that’s always the intention, sometimes we spend weeks or even months trying to think of the ideal gift, only to hit crunch time and to purchase something subpar. Well now you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of my Top 50 Gifts for Cyclists.

*Every single item on this list is something that I love and utilize myself. While I am sponsored by several of the companies or products on this list, there are also many that I am not sponsored by in any way. These are all items that I genuinely think will make awesome gifts for cyclists, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts.*

Gifts $50 or Less

1. Orange Seal ($8-$15)

Giving the gift of Orange Seal is like giving the gift of no more flat tires. This gift saves people time and frustration and it gives people more enjoyable rides. This is the perfect gift for a cyclist of all abilities. A beginner may love this gift because it will be their introduction to tubeless set ups and you can take the gift to the next level by giving them a one on one lesson on tubeless conversation. A well-seasoned cyclist will love this gift because you can never have too much and even if they already have some, you just gave them their next refill.

2. Foam Roller ($10-$25)

Help the athlete in your life recover with a foam roller. It should be a staple for anyone who is active. Foam rolling can help with warm up, recovery, and injury prevention. You can look for a full size roller or a travel option.

3. AmpHuman ($35)

AmpHuman is a great gift for any athlete wanting to take it to the next level. AmpHuman uses sodium bicarbonate to help buffer lactic acid and has been scientifically proven to help performance and recovery. Since AmpHuman is a comestible you know they’ll love it whether you’re introducing them to new gains or restocking their supply. Use code Finchamp20 for a discount.

4. Hydroflask ($35)

We all know cyclists love coffee. AND ice water after a long, hot ride can be the greatest gift of all. Sometimes when I get really thirsty during rides I play the hypothetical game, “How much money would I pay for water right now?”

5. Mini Pump (~$25)

In my opinion, Co2 cartridges are for races, and mini pumps are perfect for training. Co2s are disposable and only work once, but mini pumps just keep on giving. Some are so powerful that they can even seed a tire. Check out the Bontrager Air Support.

6. Bike Bottles (~$10-20)

Many cyclists may roll their eyes at this one because it’s easy to become overwhelmed by bike bottles in your house, however, those same people will likely tell you that they have their favorite bottles. Look for a quality insulated bike bottle or just a fun and customized design.

7. Yoga Mat ($50)

Even if they don’t do yoga, doesn’t mean they won’t use a yoga mat. Yoga mats are great for stretching, foam rolling, and core workouts. Even if they already have one, sometimes it’s nice to have an indoor mat and an outdoor mat.

8. Bike Lights ($50)

Give the gift of safety. Bike lights aren’t only for people who ride at night. They are safety tools for traffic or fog. You can purchase a handlebar light or a rear facing blinking red light.

9. 1 Year TrailForks Subscription ($36)

Give the gift of NOT getting lost. I love TrailForks. I use it every time I’m exploring a new area. It gives an outline and description of all of the trails in the area, plus can track you along the route whether or not you have service.

10. ESI Grips/Bar Tape ($20-$40)

It’s all in the details. Grips and bar tape can make a big difference. There are so many different types to pick from and lots of pretty colors so you can give them something useful and something that is personal to them.

11. Saddle Bag (~$30)

Saddle bags are awesome gifts and sometimes they go through the wringer so it never hurts to have an extra. Check out the Bontrager Elite Seat Pack.

12. Multi tool ($35)

A nice multi-tool is always a great gift. You really can’t have too many. I have one that lives in my car, garage, bike room, saddle bag, osprey pack, etc. Just make sure you always have one on hand.

13. Gloves ($25-$50)

You can never have too many pairs of gloves. You can have a different thickness of glove for every temperature or a different color for every mood.

14. Gu ($20-$60)

Give the gift of NOT bonking! Yummy flavors or different types of snacks are always a hit and you can never have too much.

15. Chamois Cream ($20)

A great gift that might also give a little smile or laugh. If you love cycling and you give this to a friend it’s almost like a little wink-wink I know what you’re going through. If you’re not a cyclist and you give this to a cyclist it’s a funny way to poke a little fun.

16. The Fear Project by Jaimal Yogis ($15)

This book is all about harnessing and overcoming Fear. It’s scientific, engaging, inspiring, and you’ll learn a lot that you can incorporate in your own riding.

17. The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler ($15)

The science behind The Flow State. This is one of my all time favorite books. The flow state is a feeling many of us are constantly chasing, learn how to get there faster.

18. Roar by Dr. Stacy Sims ($15)

For the female athlete in your life, this book will help the female athlete really tackle their own nutritional needs and crack the code for performance nutrition. It’s structured in a way that easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to implement.

Gifts $50-$150

19. Birkenstocks ($150)

Want to contribute to someone’s cycling pursuits, but afraid to step too far into that realm? Birkenstocks are the perfect after ride shoe. When I just finished a long ride out on the trails, finally make it back to the car, I’ll slip off my cycling shoes, slip on some Birkenstocks and be ready for whatever’s next.

20. Bar Mits ($75)

Give the gift of warm hands! If your hands have ever been super, super cold, you know how valuable this gift is. Bar Mits go over the bars so that you can still touch the brakes and shifters without ever exposing your hands to the cold. These little ‘hand caves’ will keep you warm on the coldest days.

21. Osprey Pack ($90)

My favorite Osprey Hydration Pack is the Dyna 1.5. I love how it forms to my body and doesn’t bounce around when I ride. Do they already have a hydration pack? Look into a day bag or backpack. It’s perfect for carrying your gear to the trail and making sure your brand new helmet doesn’t get all scratched up rolling around the back of the car.

22. Sunglasses ($100)

Who doesn’t love a new set of shades? Even if they already have a pair of glasses, you can always look for one with a different color lens, or shape. Each and every style has a purpose beyond just looks.

23. Quality Fan ($80)

If you know that the cyclist in your life spends hours on the indoor trainer pedaling away, but you have no idea what that really means…let me tell you. It’s super sweaty. A quality fan is the savings grace during those longer trainer ride.

24. Lifeproof Phone Case ($80)

I feel like I accidently throw my phone on the ground at least once a week. I drop it pulling something out of my pocket, I crash on it, I sweat on it, and sometimes I expose it to the rain. My lifeproof case has never failed me.

25. Massage Gift Card ($100)

Cycling is a sport that has many overuse injuries or aches and pains from crashes. A massage gift card will definitely make your cyclist smile and probably give a little sigh of relief.

26. Skills Clinic ($150)

This is especially great for beginner riders or young riders (although riders of all levels can benefit from it). Look up a skills instructor in your area and purchase a clinic. This is an awesome group gift if you have some friends that you always love shredding with.

27. Floor Pump ($90)

If you’ve ever used a poor floor pump, then you know what a difference a nice pump makes.

28. Bike Stand ($150)

Ever seen your friend working on their bike as it leans precariously against their car or the wall or a fence? A bike stand can make even cleaning your bike a very enjoyable and rewarding process. Check out Feedback Sports Bike Stand.

29. 1 Year TrainingPeaks Subscription ($120)

This is a great gift for an athlete who wants to be able to analyze or view their numbers. TrainingPeaks is the premiere software for coaching or analyzing data. You can also look up training plans and purchase one to help your cyclist achieve their goals.

30. 1 Year Strava Subscription ($60)

Maybe you want to get a little competitive with your friend? Give them a premium Strava account to help them better track their training, have better access to routes, and more.

31. Voler ($25-$200)

Give the gift of comfort. There are so many clothing options for cycling. Give the gift of warmth with a jacket or long sleeve jersey or comfort with a nice pair of bibs. Give the gift of the cool factor with some baggy shorts or aero with a nice velocity suit. The options are really endless.

32. Maxxis Tires ($60)

There is a different type of tire needed for every type of terrain. Refresh your friend’s tires, share your favorite tread with them, or give them something brand new.

Gifts $150-250

33. Percussion Massage Gun ($150-$300)

Massage guns are a great way to recover and warm up AND they feel really good. This is an awesome gift for the athlete that ‘has it all’ or for someone looking to really enhance their recovery routine.

34. Blundstones ($190)

Keep the cyclist in your life fashionable. (You all know cyclists can make questionable fashion choices). Blundstones are fashionable shoes that you can wear out and about, but are also highly durable and perfect to stomp around cold and wet race venues.

35. Tool Box ($250)

If the cyclist in your life is mechanically gifted then this is like the holy grail. It’s not just about the tools, it’s the organization, it’s the convenience, it’s the whole package. I can tell you now, they will love it, but don’t expect them to share. Check out what Feedback has to offer.

Gifts $300+

36. Sram NX Eagle ($375)

Give the gift of an upgrade with a Sram NX Eagle Groupset. The 12 Speed is a Game Changer!

37. Evoc Bike Bag ($500)

Does your cyclist love to travel? Give the gift of an Evoc Bike Bag. It’s easy to pack and it’ll keep your bike so much safer than a cardboard box. You can also ship your bike in an Evoc Bag using Bike Flights.

38. 1 Year Whoop Subscription ($360)

Whoop is the ultimate way to track your recovery. It tells you a recovery score, measures heart rate variability, strain and so much more. If the cyclist in your life is a data lover, this is perfect. Go to for $30 off.

39. Indoor Trainer ($350-$1200)

For the year-round cyclist. If you have big goals on the bike, you likely cannot afford to sit out the entire winter. This gift is for the person really looking to make fitness gains and train with high efficiency.

40. Normatec Boots ($1200)

Next level recovery systems. I love my Normatec Boots. I love them so much that they travel with me everywhere. Plus they feel amazing.

Stocking Stuffers

Want to give a little something that says I care, but doesn’t break the bank. Here are a couple little fun ideas to literally fill a stocking or just to hand out to your favorite riding buddy.

41. GU Drink Tabs

Give a little cylinder of drink tabs that can be drank both on or off of the bike. These are great for all day hydration.

42. Tire Levers

Something simple that just says I’m thinking of you. Plus everyone has their favorite.

43. Socks

Who doesn’t love a great pair of socks! Sock Guy has so many fun and unique designs. I smile every single day that I put on a fun or special pair of socks

44. Sunscreen

We put our bodies and skin through a lot. Protect yourself and those you love with sunblock.

45. Chapstick

Ever had super wind chapped lips after a long ride? Yeah. You need chapstick waiting in the car. 

46. Co2

Great for races, and hopefully you won’t even need to use it, but it’s an item every cyclist should probably have laying around.

47. Chain Lube

I think you should lube your chain before every ride. Give the gift of lasting equipment and no squeaky chains.

48. Customized Stem Cap

Want someone to think of you every time they look down at their stem? You can get a customized stem with a motivational saying. This one might cost a little more, but it’s tiny enough to fit in a stocking so I’ll count it.

49. Buff

Perfect for cold weather riding

50. Fender

Keep your friends warm and less wet with a fender for the front or rear of their bike.

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