Cold and Hot Therapy 

As athletes we are constantly in search of being better. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to beat your friends in your local group ride or you’re a professional athlete plotting your next victory, we are all looking to improve our abilities and be better than we were yesterday. Unfortunately, in the journey to betterment, … More Cold and Hot Therapy 

Pre-Race Nutrition

Race day can feel extremely stressful for a variety of reasons. I’ve noticed throughout my time coaching athletes that one of the reasons we carry so many nerves on race day is that we simply “want to do everything right.” We spend months and maybe even years training for a race so it’s terrifying that … More Pre-Race Nutrition

Chequamegon MTB Race

This weekend I got to see racing through a different perspective. While usually the focus is on performance and placement at these events, after sustaining a concussion 2 weeks ago I’ve had to pause and remember that there are quite a few things that ultimately take precedent over race outcome.  I did everything in my … More Chequamegon MTB Race

Leadville 100

As I type this I’m sitting in the passenger seat driving home from the Leadville 100 and I keep getting bouts of goosebumps and having a ridiculous smile form on my face as I relive moments from yesterday. I never want to forget the feeling. I feel like I have so much to say about … More Leadville 100