Mountain Bike Specific Workouts

Sport Specification Fitness is fitness, right? Ummm…well….kind of. There are certainly aspects of fitness that every cyclist needs. We all need endurance, strength, speed, power, VO2 etc. One piece of the puzzle that many people forget, however, is sport specificity. It’s important to tailor your training specifically to your discipline in order to maximize your … More Mountain Bike Specific Workouts

Plyometric Training For Cyclists

You’ve probably seen the growing trend of cyclists posting their tallest box jump on Instagram, but wondered if the possibility of scrapped shins is really worth whatever benefit may come from plyometric exercise. While you’ll have to decide about the scrapped shins yourself, there are many reasons to complete plyometric exercises (plyos) for cyclists (specifically … More Plyometric Training For Cyclists

Noticing Nerves

I’ve wanted to write this article for a little while now, but originally it was going to be titled, “How to deal with pre-race nerves.” With many races around the country, and world, on hold, it only seemed logical to put racing related content on hold as well. After much thought and talking through some … More Noticing Nerves