Whiskey 50

The Whiskey 50 is a staple in marathon mountain biking. My first time at this race was in 2018 and it was my first “long” mountain bike race as well. I finished 17th, completely bonked and exhausted. It took me almost a week to recover from the race. But once I finally felt “normal” again … More Whiskey 50

US Cup Vail Lake

And just like that, the season is in full swing! This weekend was my first race in the US this season with the US Pro Cup at Vail Lake in Temecula, California. After pre-season prep that took each of us in different directions all around the world, it was so special to have most all … More US Cup Vail Lake

Puerto Rico MTB Cup

“Honor the process.” This has been a common quote from my coach, Chris Mileski, for the last 8 years that we have worked together. When we first started working together that statement made sense. I was very green and constantly learning. We made huge leaps and bounds what felt like weekly in my knowledge and … More Puerto Rico MTB Cup

First Race of the Season: Puerto Rico Tropical MTB Challenge: UCI HC Race

Woohoo! Back to racing and it feels so good! The races this weekend officially mark the kick off of my 2023 season and I couldn’t be more excited!  On Wednesday morning approximately 12 inches of snow had fallen overnight in Salt Lake City and Clayton and I headed to the airport to fly to Puerto Rico. … More First Race of the Season: Puerto Rico Tropical MTB Challenge: UCI HC Race

Cold and Hot Therapy 

As athletes we are constantly in search of being better. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to beat your friends in your local group ride or you’re a professional athlete plotting your next victory, we are all looking to improve our abilities and be better than we were yesterday. Unfortunately, in the journey to betterment, … More Cold and Hot Therapy