8 Ways to Make an At-Home Workout Harder (Without Any Equipment)

Sometimes when it comes to workouts we have an all or nothing attitude. We try to make moving our bodies so complicated that we miss the point all together. The goal is to challenge your muscles to the point that they are forced to build back even stronger, therefore giving yourself a more capable body … More 8 Ways to Make an At-Home Workout Harder (Without Any Equipment)

MidSouth Gravel Race

MidSouth Gravel took me through every emotion in the book as I mashed pedals through nearly 8 hours of the muddiest riding I’ve ever seen. When I stood at the finish line with people cheering, celebrating, and congratulating my victory, I kept waiting for the adrenaline and excitement to take over, but it didn’t. It … More MidSouth Gravel Race

Iceman Cometh

Wow! What a season it has been! It seems like 2019 was a giant build for me, with the last few months holding the best performances of my career to date. As I prepared for the Iceman Cometh it felt like the sky was the limit. I had nothing to lose because the work had … More Iceman Cometh