As I begin my 13th year in my athletic journey, I want to join you on yours. Starting over a decade ago with a bike bigger than me, I now race The Orange Seal Off-Road Team. I have been racing as a professional mountain biker since 2015, capturing 4 collegiate mountain bike national titles, 3 USAC U23 National Championship podium positions, multiple Pro XCT podiums, and World Cup starts.

I have a degree in both Athletic Training (injury prevention, evaluation, and treatment) and Exercise Science (sports physiology and coaching).  Additionally, I have passed the board of certification exam and am a certified athletic trainer.

My coaching philosophy is centered around evidence based practice and exercise physiology. I seek to use scientific knowledge to cater to the uniqueness of human performance and ultimately to reach your goals. My passion for knowledge and success transforms my coaching from simple workouts into crafting a progression built around each person’s individualized needs. I work hard to be able to back all of my philosophy with research and thrive on explaining the reasoning behind workouts.

Working with a new coach is entering into a fresh relationship. I want to get to know you as a person as well as an athlete. I will work to help you balance training with your job, family, and other obligations that life brings. If you are interested in investing in yourself and hiring a coach, please send me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Training!